Art in my studio… first things :)

I’ve just arrived on here for my first blogging experience to share my arts with you and the progresses of my art journey.

First a bit about myself
I started out in the arts world at age 3, my art was that typical of a 3 year old, scribbles and mixes of colours. The one thing that I loved most about art at 3 was the colours. A few years later, adventure indie type games got me interested in images and the styles they were drawn in (2D, even graphic arts) and they inspired me to draw my own images, scenes of possible places, maybe a room in a house, and of places I was sitting in. Between ages 7 and 14 I was drawing scenes from games I enjoyed, the gardens atΒ  my parents place, random images of people, animals and places, using pencils and textas. I had not yet grasped the concept of paint at a mature level until around age 13-14. I did my first real painting of a horse on a cliff for an art show when I was 14 and a still-life drawing of my riding boots in grey lead pencil that my mum exclaimed was the best piece of art work I had ever done and today she still proudly tells people how good that drawing was for my age (I will post a picture of that art piece shortly). I enjoyed art throughout year 7 to 10 until I had to study ‘more academic’ subjects so that I ‘could get a job’ in the real world. I did not quite abandon my art in year 11 or 12 as I would do snippets of drawings in between study. When I went off to uni, I slowed down my creativity until I finished the course 2 years later at end of 1999. When I started my first day of the end of my uni studies, I felt a huge urge to create. I went out that day to spotlight and bought satin and felt material and made a paperclip with eyes soft toy. After that I became hooked on creating. Throughout 2000, I made a soft toy mouse, pencil, various shaped cushions, even dabbling in patchwork for a bit, and some calligraphy and then tried my hand at oil painting a portrait of a friend which turned out not too badly for my first attempt at oils. That same year, I moved out of home and moved interstate from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Starting the next chapter of my life in Adelaide in 2000, I scoured the courses book and was drawn to Diploma of Visual Arts and Applied Design. I took myself out to the tafe that same day to enquire about the course. I am glad I did! That day I ended up enrolling and that course went on to be one of the best times in my life. I studied the Diploma which stretched out into a Degree and finished it in 5 and half years and along the way made some wonderful friends, one whome I have remained in close contact with since and who I share my art with. While studying that course, I found my niche in painting predominently and enjoyed working with acrylic, then mixed medium then charcoal and pastel. When I finished the course, I continued on with painting, then a few years later I started to draw and developed a niche in drawing and further on to water colour and ink and wash which I enjoy today. I had my first major solo exhibition in Melbourne in 2006, and it was a huge success selling out on the opening night. After that, I have been in a few art exhibitions shared with other artists and then I had another successful semi-solo exhibition in 2010 at our Deaf Arts Show (the first of many annual Deaf Art shows) as part of Deafness Awareness Week and sold a few paintings that night. The following year I was asked to co-chair the Deaf Arts Show (in its second year) which was a good experience that attributed to my success in securing an art exhibition this year (2012) for November at an art gallery called Urban Cow Gallery in Adelaide. I have been asked to chair this year’s Deaf Arts show again this year in October and this time it will almost fully be in my hands so another opportunity for experience.

It looks like I have written my autobiography above πŸ˜‰ so I will end this post with the hope that many of you will enjoy sharing my art journey along the way through this blog πŸ™‚

boots drwg2_best1_SML
The boots I drew at age 14 for a high school arts show
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