Vintage inspiration continues – Red Phone!!

Red phone has finally arrived! I bought her from a vintage dealer in NSW and she was sent over by post. Isn’t she a red beauty!!! Another inspiration to draw/paint for my vintage exhibition 🙂


Latest drawing for the Vintage exhibition….

This is only the preliminary sketch of the 40’s room I want to draw and paint in ink and wash (in monocolour). I’m hoping for a greyscale type of monocolour……

NB: It is not completely finished yet but wanted to post here to give a clue on the next piece


It’s Friday!

I am so glad it’s Friday again! More so wanting this weekend to come fast as I have big plans for my art projects and a great deal lot of work I want to do. I have just cleared my art table up to make room for the new works I want to start….. I’m hoping (in my naivety ha ha) that I will be able to start two at the same time, that big one of a phone in the hallway against a wallpaper and the monochrome kitchen painting.

The one thing I desire is to get away for one weekend to the country, phone off and no computer and totally get absorbed into my art and take in the nature around me…. hoping to plan for this in a few weeks time and when I do, I will be posting here photos of how it goes!

Further news: One of my drawings sold tonight! 🙂 The Attic Peephole (image below) has found a new happy home. Congratulations to the buyer of this piece 🙂

This has been sold
Medium: Pencil and ink

New ideas for a medium

For my next art piece for the exhibition will include a bit of old wallpaper, painting (clue – a place to put a dial phone on in the 1960’s) and pictures (photos – drawings of these) and the idea I am looking for is raised bumps for ‘photo frames’, what mediums to use, I am going to try enamel paint applied thickly as possible. The framed photos will be stuck to that wall in the painting by wire hopefully… so new ideas going through my mind. I can’t wait to try this one!

Another art piece I am starting for this exhibition will be a monochrome art piece in watercolour and ink, and that is all I am dilvulging on this one at the moment 😉

The exhibition preparation….

Tonight, I’m back on here to start my journey properly through blogging my art projects now that I have worked out how to use this WordPress thing!

What I bring here is some great news regarding the Urban Cow gallery exhibition. My exhibition is titled ‘Vintage is Good’ and focuses on vintage things and places and some with twists from my imagination, like imagine an old place abandoned and what would have happened to the place. Plus items from old days gone by. A sneak preview of some of my artworks that will be in the exhibition. I don’t want to reveal too much just yet….. The exhibition will open on 7th November with an opening night, wine and cheese provided starting at 6 pm and ends on 30th November.

Other good news is I won an arts grant to fund the exhibition (hire gallery costs, printing costs for invitations and catalogues and some framing) by Richard Llewellyn Arts grant so that is one more exciting piece of news. Further on, I have scored a great sponsorship of wines by Grant Burge Winery…. so a good month for me



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