The exhibition preparation….

Tonight, I’m back on here to start my journey properly through blogging my art projects now that I have worked out how to use this WordPress thing!

What I bring here is some great news regarding the Urban Cow gallery exhibition. My exhibition is titled ‘Vintage is Good’ and focuses on vintage things and places and some with twists from my imagination, like imagine an old place abandoned and what would have happened to the place. Plus items from old days gone by. A sneak preview of some of my artworks that will be in the exhibition. I don’t want to reveal too much just yet….. The exhibition will open on 7th November with an opening night, wine and cheese provided starting at 6 pm and ends on 30th November.

Other good news is I won an arts grant to fund the exhibition (hire gallery costs, printing costs for invitations and catalogues and some framing) by Richard Llewellyn Arts grant so that is one more exciting piece of news. Further on, I have scored a great sponsorship of wines by Grant Burge Winery…. so a good month for me



Author: gypsysnail

An Australian Deaf internationally-known artist who draws and paints using many different mediums. Art is my world and everything. I also have a love for VW beetles and kombies as well as odd things like rubix cubes and small old fashioned birdcages (not for the use of them! Rather for the look of them - I don't like locking up animals in small cages or confinements).

4 thoughts on “The exhibition preparation….”

  1. I wish you well in all you endeavour gypsysnail…
    I am ever so hopeful for Australia will get to view your art..
    With love jennie..
    PS a blank canvas is your window to the soul!


    1. Hi Jennie thank u for ur support n gorgeous words :-):-):-) ur right my soul is the window to a blank canvas n it’s so exciting! It gives me a huge scope of creation like sometimes I can sit on the floor and get started into a drawing and watercolour painting like that or sit at my studio table


  2. Fabulous news, Chelle. This is also a great way for us to follow your journey throughout the exhibition. I wish you every success and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that one day you’ll be able to show your art in Melbourne.


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