Another artwork in progress!

I won’t give away too much info but this is for the Wait of the World exhibition that I am holding in Melbourne, with the opening night being on the 17th May, 6 pm to 8 pm, and a dinner afterwards, but the dinner starts at 7.30 pm, so it is flexible for anyone who may want to leave the exhibition at 7.30 pm and head over to The Emerald Elephant nearby.

This artwork is in progress and you can see it features a masonary lodge hall, and a horse in it… the power of overcoming barriers that happened back in the old days when masonary lodge members were banned from having meetings that they needed to go underground, and fought for openness and acceptance of the membership.

Author: gypsysnail

An Australian Deaf internationally-known artist who draws and paints using many different mediums. Art is my world and everything. I also have a love for VW beetles and kombies as well as odd things like rubix cubes and small old fashioned birdcages (not for the use of them! Rather for the look of them - I don't like locking up animals in small cages or confinements).

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