I have a group now for my arts!

I recently set up an arts group on Facebook as the arts page I have was not getting much traffic so I was unable to engage much with my followers, due to Facebook’s sweeping changes to their algorithms!
Read on below to get more information.
screenshot of my fb group1
My arts group is for my artworks and arts, where I update everyone on a new artwork I have finished or an update on what is happening in my arts career and I have found it works so much better! I find I am engaging so much more with my followers and they equally love the engagement. It is important to me to engage with all my followers who support my arts so they all feel they are part of my arts and I just LOVE my supporters! 🙂

So now here is my Facebook group link!
If you enjoy my artworks and want to follow me, I encourage you to join my group.

Additionally I have an arts newsletter, so come and join! I sometimes do giveaways and competitions and often have many stories about what is happening in my arts!
Join my newsletter at this link!

Or use this QR code to join my arts newsletter

My latest artwork that I did as a commission (and part of the new Enchanted series) below is of a boat in stormy seas and I was delighted with how the stormy sea turned out, considering I have never painted a stormy sea before and I had fun with the techniques of painting the waves, the blues and the white froths, and then the sky with the lovely lightning, and of course the detailed boat!
stormy seas boat di briffa commissn1SML

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