Berlin! And Art books!

I currently have an art book going for fundraiser and this art book is the Vdub artworks of mine turned into an art book. I am very excited about this! The book features all my vdub artworks from the last 10 years and new vdub artworks, the story on how I began painting vdubs in different places and situations – all for the lighthearted fun and laughs you will get from Taxi Bug the loveable yellow bug’s adventures with his vdub friends.

Who would love a copy of this book? If you do, head over to this page Kickstarter here (or click on the image below) where I am raising funds to get the first print run of Volksy’s Adventures Art book printed and to send some of the artworks to Berlin!

I have also some other exciting vdub-art rewards on offer at my Kickstarter fundraiser so check those out too. All the rewards including the book are on the right side column of the Kickstarter page.

taxi easter dogs for KS main bannerSML

See some of my vdub artworks and images of the book that is in production currently, below.

Berlin! – I am going to Berlin in October on an Arts Exchange program with Arts Access Australia who are sending me along with 7 other Australian artists to Berlin to work with artists from Berlin as part of the Arts Festival. This is an exciting time for me as an artist and my career, and a pivotal turning point for my arts. I will be teaching a workshop with a Berlin artist to a group of people who are interested in learning our mixed medium works and I will also be having an exhibition afterwards!

After Berlin, I am heading to Rome to be in an exhibition for the Rome Arts Expo which will be an exciting opportunity for me to meet other artists and network.

Arts Access Australia are also holding a fundraiser for the Arts Exchange program – go over to their page here and check out what is on offer.

berlin exchange promo by chelle


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