The latest – abstracts for the 10 year anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia

I’ve been working on a set of abstract paintings commemorating the Black Saturday fires that happened in Victoria, Australia. This project was sponsored by the Regional Arts Victoria organisation who gave me a grant to work on these paintings and present them in an exhibition. The artworks will be shown at the local Wonthaggi ArtSpace Gallery in Wonthaggi from 24th March until 1st April and then another exhibition of this series will be shown a bit later in the year in Melbourne. These artworks are large sized 1 x 1 m each and I painted with acrylic and thick gesso for texture. The artworks are shown below, with the 5th one in progress currently.

Further on, exciting news! I’m heading up to the Gold Coast to attend an arts conference organised by Art Lovers Australia. My attendance to the conference has been sponsored by Deaf Services QLD with a Life Enrichment grant.

Art Lovers Australia is an influential and growing online art gallery that sells our artworks and they have a selective collection of artists on their site and they have organised this – see link:

Part of the conference means I will get to meet Cory Huff, a well known art marketing guru and businessman from USA who runs Abundant Art and has helped many artists to succeed in their arts career beyond the normal boundaries. Someone from the ABC will also be at the conference to do interviews with artists, which is another exciting aspect!

Author: gypsysnail

An Australian Deaf internationally-known artist who draws and paints using many different mediums. Art is my world and everything. I also have a love for VW beetles and kombies as well as odd things like rubix cubes and small old fashioned birdcages (not for the use of them! Rather for the look of them - I don't like locking up animals in small cages or confinements).

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