An Arts marketing Conference and Deaf Services Queensland support!

I just returned from a fantastic arts business marketing conference for artists on the Gold Coast, in Queensland! It was also my birthday while up there and I turned forty! But I don’t feel forty, I feel younger than I did a decade ago.

The conference was organised by Art Lovers Australia, an influential and growing online art gallery that supports artists and promotes them online and in magazines and encourages us via the artists’ facebook group they have for us. Art Lovers Australia is owned by Nancy Donaldson and Jarrod Knight!

I attended the conference with the support and sponsorship of Deaf Services QLD and their Life Enrichment grant. Thank you Deaf Services QLD! Deaf Services QLD is an amazing organisation set in Queensland and they support the Deaf community through various services including Auslan interpreting, support for counselling, events, funding and they have an annual juried art show (which I was the lucky second prize winner at last year’s art show!). You can learn more about this fantastic organisation at this link.

The arts conference, titled “THE BUSINESS OF ART” / CONFERENCE 2019″ (see link about this here) was a great experience with the presence of well known international Arts marketing guru, Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist (see his website at this link) and Emma Hannigan, a fabulous international journalist and story teller! I was fortunate to have the presence of two fantastic Queensland based Auslan interpreters who were top notch in interpreting for me everything spoken at the conference.

We also got to listen to five talented successful artists talk about their arts practice and how they became successful! They were Ian Tremewen, Jeska Valk, Johanna Nulley, Amica Whincop and Maggie McDonald and I feel very fortunate to have met them (and the many awesome artists that attended the conference) and learnt some valuable ideas and tips about growing my arts business and success. The conference was very valuable and I learnt how I can approach the media to share my story about an art project and share the personal side of a story which was exciting to learn that we should share that part. I was also given exciting ideas for my projects upcoming, including one I am doing about Deaf history and my history as a Deaf child and what happened with wearing weird equipment at age 9! I will share more on that project as time comes.

I have a further exciting thing happening, I am being booked for a half hour interview with Emma Hannigan the journalist in the next week to share my story and learn from her how I can pitch my story to the media! I will do another blog on this interview and include the video.

Below are some photos of the conference.

Author: gypsysnail

An Australian Deaf internationally-known artist who draws and paints using many different mediums. Art is my world and everything. I also have a love for VW beetles and kombies as well as odd things like rubix cubes and small old fashioned birdcages (not for the use of them! Rather for the look of them - I don't like locking up animals in small cages or confinements).

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