I’m back on Blogging board for 2016!

Hi everyone! I decided to make a comeback to this blog. More so I can keep in touch with those further away from other sites like facebook and the newsletter! And because it’s important to journal my art progresses and keep everyone in the know with my arts.

Since I shut off from this blog, I have gone onto do exceptionally well in a short time,  the star of 2015 being my exhibitions overseas in Venice and Paris! This has in turn yielded some further international opportunities set for 2016. A very exciting time ahead.

2014 we remember me restarting my works on the Volky series and they have been popular around most of the world. While I have created more Volky works as an ongoing project and as a visual storyteller, I have developed other collections in my arts career, one of them being a star favourite – the Blue Ghost series! I had a kickstarter for this collection’s beginnings to create more artworks for an exhibition in Melbourne and develop an art book – the first of many. Blue Ghosts in Melbourne for March 2015 turned out to be a great success with nearly all artworks sold! Artworks from the Blue Ghosts collection were exhibited in the Venice Biennale 2015 in November at the Luca Curci Gallery in Ca’ Zanardi and they were well received during the exhibition. Smaller artworks from the various collections were exhibited in Paris, having been selected to show in a juried art exhibition called ‘A Single Grain of Rice 2015′ at Galerie Metanoia.

Since the Port Noarlunga exhibition, a council in an Adelaide inner-city suburb Thebarton, has commissioned me to create 12 pieces for their headquarters as part of preserving the historical area that holds a story about the first settlers of Adelaide and the old houses’ testament to that! It was a honour to take this commission for the council and to create a striking series of artworks of various buildings and houses of the area that retell the history.

Photos of the Venice exhibition and various photos of the latest artworks are shown below as well as a link to my website to view more of my works.

In May 2016, I am having a solo exhibition in Melbourne at the Gasworks starting from 17th May until 9th June. The theme will be Wait of World – about the changes that have happened over the last century and current changes happening and all will be in large format watercolour on watercolour paper. The opening night will be on 17th May at 6 pm and then dinner, all at the Gasworks in Albert Park!

Last but not least, my artworks have made their way onto clothes and various products including homewares, which are to be released officially in early 2016 for sale!

My website link is www.chelledestefano.com

The Exhibition in Venice

Some from the Blue Ghosts Collection

The Blue Ghost book cover – book to be released in March 2016

Some of the Thebarton collection works – a couple of the houses and one of the Wheatsheaf Hotel (blue building) and the Queen of Angels Church

And finally more of the Volky works!

And then a sneak preview into the upcoming Europe 2015 collection… along with a colouring book I will be releasing in mid 2016. And yes there will be a Volky arts dedicated colouring book after the first one 😉

More opportunities… and an art magazine!

First I must apologise for the lack of updates here, but as you can imagine, my art and life have been keeping me busy. First, good news is I won two special awards at the recent Royal Adelaide Show which landed me a permanent acquisition at an upmarket gallery in Norwood, Art Images Gallery! What a honour! Three of my works are now consigned there (see pictures below – Taxi Bug at abandoned petrol station, the motor and the dashboard) and they are being exhibited permanently until sold and the art gallery wants me to create large scale artworks of Taxi the bug’s adventures! I mean A1 sized! I’m really looking forward to creating huge sized watercolour works, this will be a new experience. Well not so new as I have painted huge artworks of more than 1 metre by 1 metre, but these were on wood and canvas. These new artworks will be on large watercolour paper and making even more use of the mediums (pen, watercolour, ink) will be something new and why not? Make a statement with large artwork! 😉

Ok the art magazine! There is in the works, plans to set up an art magazine and while I won’t say what its name will be for copyright reasons at this stage, I can say it will be an exciting magazine filled with vibrancy and exciting features! Artists will also have the opportunity to be featured in the magazine, and the magazine will include information on upcoming art prizes, shows, competitions as well as I will run competitions myself in the magazine, tips on an art technique, letters, images, stories, promoting artists’ practices/studios/businesses and galleries. I’m also going to try and pull apart information on galleries and how they work. Transparency is what people want after all! 🙂 While I will be the one setting up and working the magazine, artists are more than welcome to collaborate with me through being featured, talking about their project or their practice. I’m hoping for a late 2017 to mid 2018 release for the first issue and the magazine would be quarterly, so I will make sure each issue is packed full with many pages and something for all in the creative fields to enjoy, or even non creative people who might be inspired by things in the magazine! When the time gets closer, I will reveal the name so keep your eye on this space.

Taxi at abandoned petrol station1cBest1bSmlrvw motor1 Taxis dashboard1aSmlr1

Port Noarlunga the coastal town inspires….

I recently held a solo art exhibition at the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre on the town Port Noarlunga where I have resided in and near for the last 15 years since moving from Melbourne. The exhibition was a success and 9 out of 20 artworks were sold. People enjoyed the images I illustrated of shop fronts along the town’s street and a couple of people from interstate came to the exhibition during it’s month there and bought the artworks which was a thrill for me! I love seeing my artworks travel around the country and even abroad! Thank you to all who visited and viewed and those who bought my artworks 🙂

The images that sold are posted in this post. You can see more of my Port Noarlunga illustrations at this link on my website: http://www.chelledestefano.com/adelaide-collection.html

tackle shop1SMLR Noddys antiques1SMLR manolis mezes cafe watercoloured1 fish chip shop1SMLR micasa hair and beauty1SMLR surfing co shop1SMLR antique shop Coloured1

Vintage inspiration continues – Red Phone!!

Red phone has finally arrived! I bought her from a vintage dealer in NSW and she was sent over by post. Isn’t she a red beauty!!! Another inspiration to draw/paint for my vintage exhibition 🙂


Latest drawing for the Vintage exhibition….

This is only the preliminary sketch of the 40’s room I want to draw and paint in ink and wash (in monocolour). I’m hoping for a greyscale type of monocolour……

NB: It is not completely finished yet but wanted to post here to give a clue on the next piece