2018! Moved interstate and new studio

Hello! Here I am, in May 2018. So much has happened since I returned from Berlin! First, Berlin was the BEST experience ever. I met with 7 other Australian artists when Arts Access Australia organised an arts exchange program and selected 8 of us Australian artists to go to Berlin and do a project with Berlin artists. I worked with Corry Siw Mirski, a fabulous esteemed artist who is a prolific artist working in mixed media. Particularly in sculptural painting and sculptures. In the two weeks we had in Berlin, I went into introspection and learnt a fair bit about depth of creative expression and realised I had not allowed myself to express creatively my much deeper thoughts and feelings and experiences I had had in life.

On leaving Berlin, I and my friend traveled to Rome to see my works in an exhibition with other artists from all over the world, a great exhibition that had a publication in an annual book which my work made into, a honour!

Arriving back from Berlin, my house sold in Adelaide and it meant I was able to make the move back to Melbourne and start afresh, which was the best decision it turns out! Since I returned to Melbourne in December 2017, I have had many great opportunities given to me in the arts. First, I was selected to show works in my new local town, Wonthaggi at the Wonthaggi Artspace from January until June which has been wonderful as a couple of my works have sold there.

After around early January, I was also selected by The Other Art Fair for Sydney, which is a prestigious art fair and a huge world wide event. I was one of the lucky 70 artists selected and set for March. March came around and I took my artworks to the Art Fair and had my own booth. It was a huge success! 10 of my artworks sold! As a result, I have now been selected for the second Other Art Fair, held in Melbourne in August. The dates it will be on are 2nd to 5th August, 2018 and will be held atย The Facility, 2 Chelmsford Street, Kensington, Melbourne Victoria.

If you are reading this blog and you are keen on visiting my exhibition at the art fair, you are eligible for free tickets, normally they cost but via me you can get them for free using a special code as one of my supporters of my art (yes you, blog readers included!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please contact me via my website http://www.chelledestefano.com to get a code to get free tickets.

I have been doing some sculpture (wire sculpture) along with more paintings! See below photos of the latest artworks.

The Cot sculpture encompasses a story I’m telling about a time in Adelaide when I had been attacked on the last day of first year at Art School and the events that followed. This is hopefully developing into an art installation for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Images of the Sydney’s The Other Art Fair:

Images of my latest 2018 paintings (there is many more in production right now so be very excited!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ :

And The Cot story progress images! There will be a separate post on this later!
You can see the cot finished in its perspex box, and the rattle in making with a wood turning tool, and the rocking chair TRIAL version before I make another one with the right materials.

Also you can support this project by going to this link here. The best thing about supporting this crowdfund for the sculpture and art installation project is your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE so you get a refund!

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